Born July 8, 1947 in Bucharest, Romania. Graduate in architecture. Studies of painting at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris. Established in Paris in 1972.

He has had more than 70 solo shows in France, USA, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain.

He has illustrated more than 25 books, including Jules Verne, Grimm, Thomas Jefferson, Jack London, Didier Decoin, Doris Lessing, Mircea Càrtàrescu, Ion Barbu, Serban Foartà, etc. Since 1976 he has collaborated with more than 50 newspapers and magazines, including The World, Die Zeit, The New York Times, The Express, The Point, Marianne, etc.

In 1979, he won the prize for the most beautiful book for young people, with "The Brothers of the City of Bremen" Brothers Grimm.

Some solo exhibitions since 1974: Shakespeare bookshops, Paris. Palffy Palace, Vienna, Austria. Lyn Kottler Gallery, New York. Cultural Center, Köln, Germany. Gallery of the Oxus, Paris. Bernard Lethu Gallery, Geneva. Der Zeinchner Gallery, München, Germany. Gallery Jardin de la Paresse, Paris. Dehnburger Hof, Nuremberg. Boulogne Cultural Center. Mayor of La Rochelle. Klingspor Museum, Frankfurt am Main. Jan de Maere Gallery, Brussels. Havas Agency, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France. Eurogallery, London. Martin Caille Gallery, Paris. Goethe Institute, Schw. Lobby. Dumont-Liedenmann Museum, Düsseldorf. Rachi Center Gallery. Schlossgalerie Gaildorf, Germany. Antic Laboratory, Basel. Christian Croset Gallery, Nogent. Forez Gallery, Paris; Five Plus Art Gallery - Vienna, ICR Gallery - Lisbon, National Art Museum of Bucharest, Timisoara Art Museum, Ploiesti Art Museum, Carol I - Braila Art Museum, etc.

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